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What Is TryBeta
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TryBeta For Software Developers

As software developers we know how important stable, high quality products are for our users. Software bugs and inconsistencies are unacceptable. We also know how hard it is to create, implement, and manage a beta testing program.

TryBeta is the solution developers are looking for.

TryBeta links developers like yourself with your actual target user-base. Beta Testers sign up to the web site and browse through the available software to find the products they want to test. Once they find the products they want to test, they request to be associated with that product so that they can download and submit feedback to the developer.

Beta Testers come from all over the world, each providing different resources, computer configurations and experience. Most importantly, beta testers represent actual interested users who would regularly use your software.

TryBeta Benefits
  • Sell more software by improving software quality
  • Introduce your product to your potential market
  • Build early buzz by attracting early adopters
  • Add the features your customers need
  • Remove the fear of releasing buggy software

TryBeta Features
  • Put your software directly into the hands of targeted beta testers
  • View detailed information about your beta testers
  • Easily manage tester feedback
  • Work with multiple beta testers at the same time
  • Automatically notifies your beta testers when you post new updates
  • Notifies you when beta testers submit feedback
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Beta Testers
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TryBeta Questions & Answers

Do you have to pay to use TryBeta or can we try it first?

Until January 31, 2007, TryBeta is completely free for software developers and will always be free for beta testers.

What kind of software can be posted on TryBeta?

We have a wide range of beta testers ready to download and test any software you have to offer. This is your opportunity to test the viability of your software by putting it out there in front of your actual target market.

How do you find beta testers?

Beta testers are made up of computer enthusiasts looking to try the latest and greatest software available. From beginners to professionals, TryBeta users are attracted to the free software and/or discounts offered by software developers, the ability to become directly involved in the development of their favorite products, and the recognition they receive by submitting quality feedback.

How do I know I am getting quality testers?

TryBeta will allow you to only accept beta testers to download and submit feedback if they meet the criteria you are looking for. You get access to their background experience, industry, computer systems they have access to and products they are currently beta testing. Developers can also view feedback and ratings left by other developers who have had the opportunity to work with these beta testers before.

Can I limit my beta software to certain people?

If you're not ready to release your beta software to all beta testers you can limit it to only testers you accept into your program or any testers you personally invite. Use the resources provided by TryBeta to help manage your beta testing program. Once you are ready to open a larger beta program, you can easily make your beta software available to all testers.

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